Install Remote Access from Remote Support / Screen Refresh

Hello, I have two suggestions.

  1. Push install Remote Access (unattended) from Remote Support session.
  • currently, we need to download separate program and configure manually. Wish to have install request while Remote Support session going with user’s approval.
  1. Screen refresh
    Sometimes, text / graphics are garbled when using scroll and cannot read. Screen refresh could be helpful.



Thanks for the suggestions.

  1. Maybe, it would make more sense to add IM chat to Unattended Access? Do you think that sounds reasonable? The idea came to me because IM chat is the only feature that’s not present in the UA app. So, it’d probably make more sense to install UA from the very beginning.
  2. We’ll take a look into what could cause the artifacts.

Thanks again!


I have requested / suggested adding chat multiple times, because I have offices where I have installed the remote access permanently, and users need help immediately instead of sending a code or authorizing the remote access. Then I have to converse with them about their problem. Typically I use notepad. A chat window would be ideal.

Also, requested that a function / feature to “blank screen” when necessary for say password entries or other sensitive data.

Also Wake on Lan would be nice. But like magic wake on line. Zero configuration like Logmein offered. It was terrific.

I think being able to push remote access from a remote support session is still a good idea as sometimes remote support jobs last multiple days and you wouldn’t really want to go over setup with the client a second time. It just makes things easier to be able to turn a remote support session into a remote access computer on the fly.

Love the idea of chat.

An MSI installer of sorts would be helpful that could be pushed from an RMM or other type platform.