Issue with random "disconnect" of service.


I’ve had this service for a few years, and only in the last 2 years, I’ve seen issues with the service being disrupted. For example, I currently have 15-20 computers I cannot connect to, it shows them as grey, and one would think that they are turned off. But basically if I go to one of those computers, it shows the internet is working, but deskroll simply cannot connect. What was weirder was that I was logged into one of them, and next thing I knew it disconnected me, and when I went back, that whole group of computers under one business was disconnected. So short of installing a secondary remote login software just in case of this “outage” I am unsure what can or has caused it. My subscription is current. To iterate, the unattended access randomly disconnects certain or all computers in my account. Right now whole groups under certain companies are disconnected. A restart does not work, only until you open the deskroll app and it shows “ready for session” then it’s working again.

Thanks for letting us know! We are looking into it. In the meantime, everyone who has similar issues is welcome to report them here.