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Native iOS app for paid accounts


Hey there!

I did not find an iOS app to work with DeskRoll. Did I miss something or is this coming soon?


This is also what I requested couple times and they don’t have yet.


Thank you guys!
We are now improving in-browser experience for mobiles, including Apple devices.
I can’t promise an iOS application soon, though.


Thanks Max for your response. As the mobile product gets updated do you think you can at least release a web-app for iOS (instead of a fully native iOS app)? While this is a trade off for some, I think the value of it would be worth releasing to customers, even just for chat or requests.


Thanks for the input!
We’ve discussed it internally, and iOS app is a possibility now.


I’d like it just for the client communications piece (chat) and reports. There’s a lot of simple first features that could roll out over time.