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Native iOS app for paid accounts

Hey there!

I did not find an iOS app to work with DeskRoll. Did I miss something or is this coming soon?

This is also what I requested couple times and they don’t have yet.

Thank you guys!
We are now improving in-browser experience for mobiles, including Apple devices.
I can’t promise an iOS application soon, though.

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Thanks Max for your response. As the mobile product gets updated do you think you can at least release a web-app for iOS (instead of a fully native iOS app)? While this is a trade off for some, I think the value of it would be worth releasing to customers, even just for chat or requests.

Thanks for the input!
We’ve discussed it internally, and iOS app is a possibility now.

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I’d like it just for the client communications piece (chat) and reports. There’s a lot of simple first features that could roll out over time.

I wish I could have iOS app that support easy scrolling.

Hi and thanks for bumping the thread!

Could you tell on which screens (maybe multiple displays) this problem occurs?
Did you try the following settings?

  • Fit to screen viewing mode makes it possible to display the entire screen (i.e. no need to scroll).
  • Change screen resolution from the DeskRoll tools menu. If ad-hoc remote support session, then the resolution will revert to the default after the end of the remote desktop session. If unattended access, then it won’t revert.


Thanks Max.

I really love deskroll’s HTML5 based access but from iphone to desktop, it’s hard to scroll down (eg. word, web browser) comparing with other service like TeamViewer, ScreenConnect.

If deskroll has ios app that support mouse scroll wheel, it will be really helpful to access remote desktop from small screen.