Run Commands On Remote Machines


I was wondering if you could add a feature that allows you to run silent command line tools from Deskroll Remote Support Sessions or with Unattended Access PCs without remoting in. Most of your competitors have this feature so I wondered if it was in your pipeline? Thanks.

Thanks for the suggestion!

A few questions about this feature, just to clarify:

  • Should DeskRoll provide a command line interface, or does it make more sense just to upload scripts/batch files?
  • Should a command be able to run on multiple machines at once?
  • On Windows, would you rather use cmd or powershell or both?

I was thinking more along the lines of being able to upload executables or batch files and run them via cmd. This way you can silently install programs or run tools on remote machines without interrupting what the client is doing. Being able to run a command on multiple machines at once would definitely be a plus as well.

Thanks so much! I’ll discuss with my colleagues and I’ll let everyone know here.

In a perfect world I would say yes to all of the above. I notice that that topic is pretty old so I am not sure if any or all of the ideas are still in development or up for consideration. All of the options (or any) would make Deskroll that much better.

Thanks for considering.